Client Testimonials

Bro polo is fantastic!

quote1tran Bro polo is fantastic! I have been with them twice now and learnt far more in the 9 days I have spent with them than the 20+ days I have spent in Argentina.  The setting at Oaklands is perfect and they have great facilities, both for polo and for taking time out when not on the horse. Instruction is very much tailored to the individual and they concentrate on the weaker areas of your game, as well as building on your strengths and can provide horses to suit all abilities.  Mornings are made up of a wooden horse session to work on your swing, followed by riding lessons, and then a stick and ball session to bring it all together.  Practice chukkas in the afternoon are at a great level and push you to think more about the tactics and playing together as a team, as well as allowing you to put into practice all the skills you learnt in the morning.  I left feeling like a much improved player and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Bropolo and Oaklands to anyone wanting to get away from it all and improve their polo!



   12/10 - My expectations of my week were far super-seeded in every way.

quote1tran Sipho and Terror were fantastic! I’ve had several polo coaches, but no one comes close. Their style and method of teaching is very calm, but effective, structured and professional, yet their humour when the going gets tough is a life-saver and their love of the game is very evident. Not only are they excellent coaches, but top players in their own right – fantastic to watch – both in the national squad. The tuition I received was a perfect balance of personal attention and time alone to work things out! The facilities, equipment and polo ponies were all excellent, 5 star.

I learnt more in my week with Terror than I did during an entire years coaching in England - so much so that I now have little interest in receiving tuition elsewhere. I really felt a huge difference in my riding, game play and theoretical knowledge by the end of the week.

Out of the arena and off the pitch they’re equally great guys – I arrived to meet two polo instructors. I left having met 2 great friends.

My expectations of my week were far super-seeded in every way.



-Maurice Wostenholm

There is no doubt we’ll be back soon.

quote1tranWe hope to revisit Oakland’s later this year as we really enjoyed our time there. The atmosphere was relaxed but at the same time we were challenged through the tuition at the right level, which is exactly what we wanted.  If we wanted to be in the learning to strike the ball on the wooden horse, having riding lessons in the arena, tactic/rules sessions, stick and ball, chukkas or any general instruction for all the daylight hours that was our choice. We enjoyed being in the saddle as long or as short as we wanted. The tuition was clear without being intrusive and therefore losing its fun side. The boring things like safety were taken seriously and the ponies were distributed to the people attending lessons with their level of ability clearly in mind. There is no doubt we’ll be back soon. quote2tran.fw

-Jeremy & Sophie

Outstanding tuition packages.

quote1tran Bro Polo provide an outstanding polo tuition packages at the acclaimed Oaklands Country Resort, nestled in the Drakensberg. What makes playing polo different in South Africa and in particular with Bro Polo is the family focus on getting every client, including ones with limited ability like myself, to really improve after each and every stay. Whether you are a starter or a 1 goal player there are always enough clients, local players and ponies for both Terrence & Jo to organise a full afternoon chukka session each day that challenges everyone safely to their respective playing levels.    quote2tran.fw